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Hybrid Golf Club: Shoot with More Accuracy

More and more golfers of all levels and experience are using the hybrid golf club. It provides them with added performance and handled and can improve their scores. For any level of golfer, a hybrid club could help you up your game.

What is a Hybrid Golf Club?

The hybrid golf club is a combination of a wood club and an iron club. It provides the positive attributes of both types of clubs; the strength of iron with the flexibility of wood. Specifically it is the mixture of irons and short woods, resulting in a club that carries balls further and has increased backspin. The effectiveness of these clubs stems from the movement of the center of gravity from the middle to back and bottom of the club allowing, it to get the ball in the air quicker and farther out. You are better able to control of the direction and that will help improve your game. Keep in mind that a poor swing is a poor swing and it will still result in a bad shot with even a hybrid.

The hybrid golf club first began with Adams TightLies and Orlimar’s, they were awkward and people did not initially take to them. Hybrids have come far since then and they are increasingly used by consumers. Over half of the professional golfers on the PGA tour now have at least one hybrid club in their bags. These clubs bypass the round and bulgy appearance of woods to have shorter shafts and flatter faces to have high spin on the balls and help them land with better accuracy.

Specifically, hybrid golf clubs are best use for recovery shots. They are used on the fairway and work great on shots from behind trees. These are difficult to accomplish with a long iron; this is where a hybrid club comes it. A rule of thumb to determine when and where you can use your hybrid is if you can’t hit with the 2 or 3 or 4 iron and 3 and 5 wood are going to be impossible to hit from that vantage point, this is the situation for the hybrid golf club.

Be sure to research which will work best for the best price and try them out in the store before. They may be a little more expensive but replacing clubs that are not being used and improving your golf game is well worth the price of the hybrid golf club!

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