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He Who Carries The Caddy Has The Best Golf Tips

The best golf tips that you will ever find is over the Internet if you cannot afford your own personal trainer, but another way of obtaining the best golf tips ever, is by just straggling along with a group of professional golfers, and listen to what their caddy has to say what the golfer needs to do. The caddy may not look like he can drive a ball at all, but he is sure to know all the inside information that is needed to probably win the game.

He would know the best of the best golf tips to hand out, and to whom when necessary. This is part of their job when they are just carrying their boss’s golf caddy with them. The caddy boy is the man to know for everything there is to learn, besides the practical side of golfing.

You may just see the caddy carrier as the man with the colourful bib on that has the water and the towel on hand for the player, but still has inside knowledge of the game, straight from the professional’s mouths of wisdom and experience, the man with the most and best golf tips. The caddy carrier may look like he is not so intelligent, but give him a half a chance as an inexperienced player on the green with you, and he can no doubted beat you hands down.

Time And Patience


From all the best golf tips you may learn over the course of time is time and patience itself, but the best golf tips is still for you to decide, which tips has actually worked best for you to improve your game, and or your techniques. Only you can be the judge of that at the end of the day or game.

More Than Just Golf

While there is nothing wrong with playing a friendly game of golf on the green, using the green has over time become the playground for businessmen to exchange business cards and do negotiations on. Golf has been seen as another gentleman’s game just like cricket is, but there are no negotiations happening on the cricket fields.

Friendships are also made on the golf course over time, and these friendships usually join together for charity cases for when they have competitions. In most cases most of the money gathered for a tournament is donated to a charity of their choice, otherwise it could be used for other things as the upkeep of the clubhouse and the pub is included in that program for up keeping continuously.

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