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Golf Club Driver: Choosing The Right One For You

A golf club driver is one of the most useful, exciting and frustrating clubs to use. It is usually a low degreed club which unfortunately often prevents beginner and intermediate golfers from using it effectively. Many consider it the most important club in the bag and it tends to be the most expensive club in the bag. Its primary use is to hit at maximum distance. It is the longest type of club and as consequence, it can be the hardest club to hit straight with. There are many theories on drivers and there are factors that you should know before choosing a driver.

Things to Consider About Your Driver

Of course your ability is going to determine the size and degree of the golf club driver. Drivers are the lightest and lowest-lofted wood. Their purpose is to give your ball distance on long-yardage holes. They will be the first club you select to hit off the tee on those holes. If you have a short swing then you are going to struggle hitting a low degree golf club driver. The size of the shaft is also something that you should take into consideration. Like all other golf clubs, when purchasing one, you should be fitted by a professional.

The price of the club should also be a consideration, the head of a golf club driver is more “fragile” than the other clubs so if you consistently cannot hit the ball square there is a good chance of breaking the club. Advances in design technology have also pushed the price of drivers higher. It is best to start with a less expensive golf club driver until you get the hang of hitting the low degree club. Then, as your accuracy improves, it will be worth the investment to purchase a more expensive driver.

Where to Find Drivers

You can locate a golf club driver at almost any sporting good stores, second hand sports stores, on the internet, or at the local pro shop. Where you specifically choose to purchase your driver is based on your personal preference as each type of distributor has advantages and disadvantages. Doing your research and making sure to ask the right questions will help you find the driver that will work best for you.

Hitting the golf club driver can be frustrating, but that one solid hit may be the one that brings you back to game!

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