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Golf Ball Position Tips – Proper Positioning

Always remember that golf ball positioning tips will take drill time on the impulsive range and making green. As with anything it will take time period to sense natural if one has not already been doing the ball positioning. But adhere with it because with good practice one will be striking the ball straighter and farther in no time. This info is for right handed golfers; if one is a lefty just imagines reverse of it. So here we go…

Golf Ball Positioning Tips – Instruction to Follow

Golf ball positioning tips for driver

Most of the golfers align right over the top of the ball with their nose straight in line with the ball. What one should do… one absolutely wants to have the ball level with the outside of the left shoulder, and the hips inclined little back. This will admit one to give more power and a suitable swing plane.

Golf ball positioning tips for Fairway Woods/Hybrids

Take it in just little. The ball should be located just close to level with the left armpit.

Golf ball positioning tips for 3-6 Irons

The ball should be located level with the left ear.

Golf ball positioning tips 7-Wedge

The ball should be located level with the left cheek.


This must be the only golf club in the bag that one locate the nose straight level with the ball. One wants to be appearing right over the ball to get the suitable alignment for the put.

Another thing to remember is to have the suitable distant among the player and the ball. First of all, with the knees little inclined one need to incline at hips toward the ball, not from the spine. Next mere lift a golf club and place the head down on the ground side by side to the ball. The arms should sway loosely from the body. Lift the left hand and catch the golf club. The end of the lance should be directing straightly at the belt clasp in this position, now catch it with the right hand and accept the suitable grip. This must be the location one take with each club. Some clubs are lengthier than others hence the tilts will change and the distance away from the ball will alter, but the tilt of the club should alter, not the tilt of the body. It is also important to learn golf tips for topping the ball for better game

If one practices with these method then they will have much more solid link and hit by the ball on the right golf shot plane. Every golf shot begins with the destination position. Practice these locating techniques and in a short time period one will definitely be making the ball even and farther than one ever have in the life.

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