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Finding Golf Putting Tips Online

Most golfers could use a little help with their putting. Fortunately, there is no shortage of places online where you can find golf putting tips. This article will survey some of the most popular.

Golf Putting Tips Online from is an online community of experts created with the purpose of sharing their expertise in a comprehensive and accessible way. It has an entire section for online golf putting tips edited by the sports journalist Brent Kelly. Here are some of the articles contained therein.

Exercises to Make Putting Practice Less Painful details three exercises you can do to loosen up the joints and muscles that are used in putting. These are a deep squat, a self massage technique for golfers and a simple forward bend for after putting.

“Hit and Hold” to Become a Better Putter is a short article detailing a putting drill that will improve your technique if practiced correctly. All in all, there are 15 articles in the section, each illustrated with a series of clear and helpful photographs.

Golf Putting Tips Online from Golf Tips Magazine

Golf Tips Magazine is the website of the print publication that bills itself as “The Game’s Most In-Depth Instruction & Equipment Magazine.” And in-depth it is. Like, it has an entire section devoted to golf putting tips online, containing 32 articles, more than twice as many as

Some of the articles are illustrated with photos, while others contain line illustrations. There is even a video section, containing 16 streaming videos of golf putting tips that you can watch on your PC. However, at the time of writing this, there appear to be some bugs on the site that mean many of the links are broken, while others direct you to places other than the article they say they link to. Hopefully, Golf Tips Magazine will iron out these bugs soon.

Golf Putting Tips Online from Score Golf

Score Golf is a Canadian website with a section of articles and videos all about …er, I mean about golf putting tips. The site is more video-oriented than the other two, with streaming videos making up the majority of the links on the site.

There is also an article advertising a device called the Putting Tutor. This is a small, thin polycarbonate plate with a white line down the center that you can use to practice your putting technique. The aim is to putt a marble down the white line. Whilst you can learn a lot of golf putting tips online, at the end of the day, there’s no substitute for physical, rather than digital, practice.

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