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Are You Going To Play Golf?

Golf is said to be the most sophisticated game among the all the sports in the world. It is usually a hobby of rich and high class people and generally considered as a symbol of status.

A golf game will take time as much as you want to give it so this is the biggest convenience of this game. You may finish it after one stroke or you may play for hours. It may look simple for people who say that “it is only a matter of swing” but technically golf is a complex game and requires skills to be a good player.

There are different rules and regulations for golfers to comply with in order to play golf and any irregularity can disqualify them from playing golf at local or international level.

How to play golf?

In golf, golfers try to hit the ball through a club into different holes strategically placed on the ground, known as golf course. Golfers have to put the ball into the holes with a limited number of strokes.

The golf courses have no certain requirements for design or positioning. One golf course includes either nine or eighteen holes.

A golf match is played either for Stroke Play or Match Play. A Stroke Play is a form of game in which the golfer who takes lowest number of strokes to put the ball in the last hole is the winner. A Match Play is the game in which the lowest scorer on individual holes during a round is the winner.

What do you need to play golf?

In golf, clubs are used to hit a ball. Clubs can be made of different lengths like long or short and can be used for different requirement of distance and degree of shot. Different clubs are known with different names according to their shapes and sizes.

The most famous clubs are the Drivers, the Woods and the Hybrids. The largest-headed and longest club in the golf play is called as Driver. The slightly shorter but comparatively large-headed clubs are known as Woods. Woods are made of metal and in modern times, they are known as “fairway metal.”

Versatile clubs are used for a wide variety of shots. Hybrid clubs are replacing Long Irons in during these times because they are flexible and more usable. Golfers can carry up to fourteen clubs in their carrying bag on the golf course.

This is just a plain overview of golf, however, you can get to know more about this sport, or commonly disputed as hobby, by taking time to browse our site…

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